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Our Forest Clinic (Metsävastaanotto®) has the Nature Empowerment Quality Label granted by Green Care Finland ry as an indication of the professionality, safety, and goal orientation of our nature services.



Green Care Finland ry is a Finnish nationwide association that advocates activities that promote the wellbeing of people in nature and rural environments.

In practice, the Nature Empowerment Quality Label means that our Forest Clinic service has:

🌿An operations and safety plan

For us, the operations and safety plan is a practical tool that we take with us to the Forest Clinic instead of letting it gather dust in a file cabinet.

The plan has been compiled in a way that each participant, even without the help of a guide, is capable of calling for necessary help and acting according to the instructions in an emergency.

In addition, the service has:
🌿 A safety document

🌿 A Green Care quality handbook

🌿 A self-monitoring plan that includes a description of the service

🌿 A written contract with all of our partners

For us, professionality and quality mean that

🌿 The Forest Clinic is led by, at least, one healthcare professional who masters basic first aid skills (completion of First Aid Course EA1, at the minimum)

🌿 The Forest Clinic is a goal-oriented professional endeavour.

 🌿 We constantly train our personnel.
🌿 We cooperate actively with various partners; at the moment, for example, we are taking part in an EU-funded project called Luonnosta Laatua (LuoLa, ‘quality from nature’), coordinated by Työtehoseura (TTS), a private organiser of vocational education, as well as the Rural Wellbeing Entrepreneurship Coordination Project (HyvinVoi Coordination), coordinated by the Natural Resources Institute Finland.

🌿We are committed to abide by the ethical code of Green Care Finland ry.

🌿We adhere to the code of healthcare ethics.

🌿We collect feedback from our clients systematically after each Forest Clinic session (Wellbeing Report) and we use this feedback to constantly develop our services.

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