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The Forest Clinic is suitable for teams that:

- want to experience a work day in a new environment using all of their senses

- are looking for fresh creativity and a new kind of energy

- are pursuing new ideas

- need a boost in their team spirit (e.g. when putting together a new team or when a new member joins the team)

- want to find some peace and quiet

- are interested in Finnish local and cultural history

- are looking for activities that promote their health and wellbeing in the workplace

- are interested in learning about the health benefits of nature

“I loved the Forest Clinic as we were sitting on those chairs, listening. And then we went under a spruce and had the opportunity to look inside the tree and just be there. This was a well-thought-out activity and people’s needs were appropriately taken into account.”


At the Forest Clinic:

- we promote the participants’ abilities to improve the functioning of their body by taking advantage of nature’s health benefits

- we help participants to become more aware of their natural experience and, consequently, benefit from the reviving effects of the experience

- the aim is to give the participants tools to boost nature’s health benefits and help them cherish their own wellbeing.

- the participants have the chance to ask health-related questions from healthcare professionals.

“It was so much better to be in the forest than attend some lecture where I would have probably fallen asleep.”



Guided by an occupational healthcare specialist

At the Forest Clinic, you will be guided by an occupational healthcare specialist. This way we can ensure that our services are carried out from the perspective of an occupational healthcare and workplace wellbeing professional. We draw on the results of scientific research in the field while also retaining common sense and taking into account what other branches of science have to offer. In addition to a physician, another healthcare professional is always guiding the group. We hold multi-professional cooperation in high regard and we are eager to approach things from new perspectives. Get to know our professionals…

“You are a wonderful team.”

Työterveyshuollon erikoislääkärin ohjauksessa


The first in Finland

Oivallusvaara Oy is the first company in Finland to offer wellbeing services in the forest led by a doctor in a multi-professional framework.

The Forest Clinic (Metsävastaanotto®), developed by Oivallusvaara Oy, is a service that takes a group of people into the forest with a specialist physician, physiotherapist, and occupational therapist as their guides.

Have a look at our story on YouTube here

“The idea that the forest can help me. It’s amazing to realise that help is so close by every day!”

Professionalism and service development

The development work of the Forest Clinic has focused on bringing the latest results of scientific research concerning nature and forest environments into practice within the framework of workplace wellbeing. The Forest Clinic has been built up since 2018 with the help of the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development, and the development work has included, for instance, a training period in Japan, as well as various seminars in Finland.

“Everybody was taken into account equally. The preparations, setup, and food were exceptional.”

Oivallusvaara LuontoVoima-laatumerkki

Service quality guaranteed by Nature Empowerment Quality Label

The Forest Clinic, or Metsävastaanotto®, is a registered trademark in Finland. It has been granted the Nature Empowerment Quality Label by Green Care Finland ry. At each Oivallusvaara’s Forest Clinic session, the detailed operations and safety plans are followed. The personnel at the Forest Clinic have, at least, basic first aid skills, having completed the First Aid Course EA1, at the minimum. Oivallusvaara Oy is committed to adhering to the principles of sustainable travel. Read more about the quality label…



“The trail was suitable and easily accessible, there were enough resting spots. Children and people with reduced mobility were also taken into account.”


At the Forest Clinic we offer participants:​

  • guidance in utilising nature to promote their wellbeing as well as exercises and insight

  • guidance in roaming in nature

  • healthcare professionals’ support

  • the chance to ask questions about one’s own health (questions submitted in advance)

  • instructions on how to sustain one’s wellbeing in natural ways in everyday life and at work

  • group photography (photos delivered in digital form)

  • a light snack

  • an electronic feedback form

  • Forest Clinic Wellbeing Report for the group

  • rain coats and blankets – for the trip, if needed

  • sun screen, insect repellent, first aid supplies, if needed

  • camping chairs – if needed

  • in case you want a meal included in the trip, we will take care of all preparations​


Destinations where we mainly offer our services:

Our current options in Southern Finland:

  • an accessible trail in Sipoonkorpi National Park, read more

  • Nuuksio National Park

Ask more about our tailored Forest Clinic services in private forests.

Our current options in North Savo:

Read more about our destinations here…

“Thank you for your professional approach and the unhurried atmosphere.”​

What the Forest Clinic is NOT:

We won’t be hugging trees – unless you specifically want to. The core idea of the Forest Clinic is not about hugging trees but experiencing nature’s benefits for wellbeing in versatile ways. You are, of course, allowed to hug trees.


We won’t take you to the forest to grill sausages on open fire – unless you specifically want to eat sausages. We hope to offer your group new experiences in the forest also foodwise.

We won’t be using medical terms or hiding behind difficult words.

​We won’t be going over participants’ illnesses or other personal health issues unless this is something that has been agreed upon in advance. In that case, specific time slots are arranged for individual discussions.

It is possible to ask health-related questions in advance, so that we can anonymously go over them during the day. 

Reservations and further information

You may contact us via the following links or by sending email directly to eerika(at) or calling our number +358 40 0933508. The reservations are handled by occupational therapist Eerika Korhonen.

“Nature and movement are medicine.

You’re on the right path.”​

The Forest Clinic (Metsävastaanotto®) is about promoting workplace wellbeing in natural environments with the help of healthcare professionals. The Forest Clinic is specifically designed for small work teams (less than 15 people).  

The Forest Clinic strengthens the participants’ abilities to recognize things that are important to them and their wellbeing. The natural environment restores, revives, and revitalizes the sensory systems that are under stress.

The Forest Clinic increases the sense of community among the participants, fosters a positive mindset, and clarifies participants’ thinking. After a Forest Clinic session, positive changes may be noticed in the team’s thinking and creativity.

“This acted as a great reminder of the fact that you don’t have to be achieving something all the time.”

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